Treatments to Brighten your Smile

Teeth whitening treatments have become increasingly popular during the last years. There are several numbers of reason why many are choosing to whiten their teeth. Some of the reasons are because of an upcoming event, a job interview, aging, to boost self-confident, or tooth discoloration. Whatever your reason might be, our dentist will provide you with several treatment options, so visit us to determine which one would be great for you.

This guide will help you understand the benefits of our teeth cleanings and what to expect when having them performed by our dentist.

Take-Home Trays

Take-home whitening trays are a type of teeth whitening procedure that you can perform in the comfort of your home. This is an easy and cost-effective teeth whitening treatment that can be easily obtained. You must follow the instructions given by our dentist to see the results at home. Although they can be a convenient option, obtaining great results can take longer than other treatments, and they don’t always work well for deep stains. These trays are custom-made to go over your teeth and whiten your teeth through a special gel that is found on the inside of the trays.

These trays, once made for you, can then be taken home as a teeth whitening kit, along with the guidelines given by our dentist. The time period that they must remain on your teeth can vary according to your teeth whitening needs. They can also be used several times to achieve the desired results. Our dentist can further advise you on how many times they should be used in your case.

Custom whitening trays are trays that are clear and are usually made of a clear plastic that comfortably adjusts when inserted. A hydrogen peroxide-infused gel is inserted in each tray, giving them their whitening properties. The gel consists of a hydrogen peroxide solution that actively whitens the enamel of the teeth. After they have been used and are taken off, they need to be cleaned with a Q-tip or a cloth and rinsed. This makes them ready to be used again. It is not recommended to use them for at least a day after each application. Our dentist would be happy to further go into detail about the process during your teeth whitening consultation.

The Zoom! In-Office Whitening

The Zoom! In-Office Whitening treatment is one of our most popular teeth whitening treatments because of its rapid results and efficiency. This treatment can lighten your teeth significantly in just one session. Please contact us to learn more in detail how this revolutionary procedure works.

How does the Zoom! In-Office Whitening System work?

  • First, the dentist performs a comprehensive exam in order to evaluate any dental problems which need to be addressed before getting a whitening treatment done. This ensures that the Zoom! Whitening procedure works as effectively as possible and prevents any future damage to the teeth. Our dentist then performs a teeth cleaning procedure, priming the teeth for the application of the whitening gel.
  • Second, our dentist will place spacers in your mouth to prevent the cheeks or lips from coming into contact with the teeth, in order to protect the softer tissue from the whitening agent and prevent any irritation.
  • Third, the teeth whitening gel is applied to the teeth. This gel consists of a hydrogen peroxide solution that serves as the active ingredient to whiten the teeth.
  • Fourth, our dentist focuses a bright ultraviolet light on the teeth. This light acts as a catalyst and causes oxygen to be produced through a chemical reaction within the gel. This oxygen permeates the upper layer of the teeth and bleaches them from within. The upper layer of the teeth is also bleached in this way. The oxygen works to remove the stains both on top and within the enamel.
  • Finally, our dentist cleans away the Zoom whitening gel, and the procedure concludes.

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